Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Right.. It's grey outside. There's that frustrating half-rain that makes you think it's unnecessary to put up your hood but gets you wet anyway. I hate that stuff. But it does get me in the mood for deep, emotive, atmospheric music.

You may or may not have heard of Burial and Four Tet's latest project together - a collaboration shrouded in mystery, typically of many things related to Burial including his actual identity. I've read the number of collaborations he's done is actually in double figures but he doesnt allow half of the stuff to be released. The collaboration is released only as a 12" with a black sleeve and a totally black, informationless CD. I had just started to get into more passive, atmospheric music before I heard news of this release and 'Moth/Wolf Cub' (Sides A and B respectively) definetely didn't discourage me. Here I have for you, in downloadable form, one of the most hyped and sought after collaborations in electronic music this year so far:

Burial & Four Tet - Wolf Cub
'Wolf Cub' offers us some clinking, jittery melodies that bring Four Tet to mind as the track opens. This song seems slightly more manufactured in the way that it seems to progress in chunks; we hear the trademark rhythms of Four Tet and the trademark drum beat of Burial individually before they blend together (surprisingly well) to create a playful track with a sort of effortless energy on it.

Burial & Four Tet - Moth
'Moth' on the other hand seems more natural and organic than the latter. I might be saying this because of the muffled, stuttering synth or it could be down to the general smoothness of the track interlaced with a more laid-back drum beat, passive rhythms and the occasional airy and delicate vocals.

Out of the two, I'd have to say 'Moth' is my favourite, not to knock 'Wolf Cub'. It's a soothing listen and it's very easy to work or relax or even fall asleep to. 'Wolf Cub' is the more outgoing and extrovert counterpart to more timid and almost claustrophobic 'Moth'.

Sticking with the idea of atmospheric music, a new band named 'Mount Kimbie' have caught my eye (ears rather, but that's not a phrase) lately. Their track 'Maybes' was featured on Erol Alkan's mixtape for XLR8R Magazine (which is by the way really really cool, you should check it out) not too long ago. Erol described Mount Kimbie as "fresh new talent, fresh beats-pretty much fresh everything". Here I give you two tracks from their latest EP released on Hotflush Recordings which is in stores now.

Mount Kimbie - Maybes

Mount Kimbie - Taps

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