Monday, 23 November 2009

Wonky's The Word

So lately, i've not been able to stop listening to it. I can't get enough of that off-beat, clip-clop, glitch-hop, aquacrunk, afro-funk, leftfield, whatever-the-hell-you-want-to-call-it sound and all variations of it. Yeah, there's not much else to say about these tracks. They are great to dance to if you're drunk and totally out of time with regular, linear dance music, there's enough percussion in awkward places to make it seem as if you're kind of jigging to your own interpretation of the beat. Drunken dancing aside, it's pretty damn funky. Never have I heard something not quite right, but so, so right. (If you catch my drift?)

That is all.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

It Can Fly.

Busy busy busy. This is why the length between every post getting fairly long, but I'm working on it. All my current toils and troubles will be over soon (I hope). In light of this, today's post will have music so as not to stress you out too much. At least, no 'club bangers' that have been featuring more often than not lately.

Little Dragon - Blinking Pigs
Two parts Lykke Li. One part Santogold. Shake well and strain (it's a simple track) into your glass and you end up with this. That's a recipe for success.

Solid Gold - Matter Of Time
Solid Gold edge towards more of an airy pop song whilst keeping those disco tones in the core of it. This effortless delivery from the london duo will take you away to a kinder, less complicated place. Woo.

Hot Chip - Take It In
Return of the Chip! Their new album 'One Life Stand' will be out February 8th followed by a series of tour dates in the UK so grab your tickets, they'll sell like hot chips (haa). Take It In starts off brooding with gothic, industrial keys but flicks into a clear, crisp anthem that wouldn't sound out of place during the end credits of a movie from the '80s.

Ta, hope you like the tunes.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Woven From Fabric Of Win.

Today is Sunday. I'm sure you've got many better things to be getting along with so I'll keep it snappy. In fact, why don't you stick these on as you're doing whatever you're planning on doing this Sunday?

Saint Etienne - Spring (Air France Remix)
I haven't heard the original, but Air France definetely did a great job. Kicking back with this sublime remix may well make you blissfully happy. Take a deeper look into Air France's material for more dreamy, ambient jams; I highly recommend them.

Captain Planet - Lagos Speedway
I have had this song in my head all week, it's MASSIVELY catchy. As the man says himself, 'It’s a funky Afro-electro dancefloor killer that has been getting really good responses every time I play it'. 'Nuff said.

Joe & Will Ask? - Fabric Of Win
Joe & Will Ask? have dropped their usual sound on this one for a more conventional electro house sound whilst keeping their standard blips and bloops and it's pretty hot. A very, very danceable track with some tasty vocals for you when you really have to sing. Loving the synths and vocal syncopation.
Happy? Niice.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Uh Oh, I Did It Again.

Hello everyone. On the cards today is wonky music. Or two wonky, one electro. Or three electro; it's much easier to call it that. In today's genre-splicing music world in which we live. who has time for labelling it all?

James Pants - Thin Moon
The charming man you see in the picture above is releasing his latest album 'Seven Seals' on Stones Throw Records. You'll be able to get your mits on that December 8th. In short, his music sounds a bit like how he looks. This one's a smooth cosmic jam.

Hudson Mohawke - No One Could Ever
Hudson Mohawke's new album 'Butter' came out October 26th, and, if you're smart, you'll go and check it out. You can really hear the '90s hip-hop influences in this uptempo beat as it blissfully clatters away.

The XX - Crystalised (Rory Phillips Mix)
I'm sure I don't need to explain the original. Just the kinda disco, funkytown business this track needs to fill a floor. More hooks than........ Captain Hook? I can't think of anything witty.

I hope that temporarily satisfies you. Enjoy and support.