Tuesday, 17 November 2009

It Can Fly.

Busy busy busy. This is why the length between every post getting fairly long, but I'm working on it. All my current toils and troubles will be over soon (I hope). In light of this, today's post will have music so as not to stress you out too much. At least, no 'club bangers' that have been featuring more often than not lately.

Little Dragon - Blinking Pigs
Two parts Lykke Li. One part Santogold. Shake well and strain (it's a simple track) into your glass and you end up with this. That's a recipe for success.

Solid Gold - Matter Of Time
Solid Gold edge towards more of an airy pop song whilst keeping those disco tones in the core of it. This effortless delivery from the london duo will take you away to a kinder, less complicated place. Woo.

Hot Chip - Take It In
Return of the Chip! Their new album 'One Life Stand' will be out February 8th followed by a series of tour dates in the UK so grab your tickets, they'll sell like hot chips (haa). Take It In starts off brooding with gothic, industrial keys but flicks into a clear, crisp anthem that wouldn't sound out of place during the end credits of a movie from the '80s.

Ta, hope you like the tunes.

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