Saturday, 30 May 2009

Clear skies? Sun's out? 4 rill??

Seems like summer has arrived already! Knowing England though, it won't last for long, but let's stay optimistic (touch wood). I'm not going to spend long on this post because I have some serious lying down to do in the garden. Here's a fresh portion of tropical, summer beats:

Fatboy Slim - Talking Bout My Baby (Midfield Generals Disco Reshuffle)
Majorly summery song. Makes me wish I saw him play new years on brighton beach when he did.

Quantic & Nickodemus - Mi Swing es Tropical
This song featured on an iPod commercial a while back. When I listen to this I get this image of it being performed in a hotel resort with drunken parents dancing about palm trees, particularly amusing.

Air France - Beach Party
Right what it says on the tin. One of my favourite songs to mellow out in the sun to.

Skream - Summer Dreams
Skream boasts his musical versatility with this chilled, summer-evening style filled with trumpets and lazy synths.

Zero 7 - Somersault (feat. MF Doom) (Danger Mouse Remix)
I wouldn't really say this is as tropical as the other tracks I've posted, but definetely 'lazing on a sunny afternoon' style song, not like The Kinks mind you.

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