Thursday, 1 October 2009


What do you do when you're happy? Do you sit down and think about all the little thing you really appreciate? Do you nod your head to some super smooth beats? Do you dance around the house naked? People express happiness in different ways. Today I am particularly happy as I just banged out some essay I've been putting off for ages and tomorrow it is Friday. Here is some music which may or may not make you feel happy, or maybe you'll listen to it when you're happy and smile.

Kidda - Under The Sun (Hervé's Ain't No Sunshine Remix)
This is the kinda thing you'll hear at a summer dance festival and it is simply euphoric! Everyone around you will take off their tops, put on some shades and grin like fools as they jump up and down to Herve's self-claimed brand of Ghetto Bass.

Filewile - Number One Kid
Or maybe you prefer some oddball, electro hip-hop? Pretty smooth with a bit of wonk to balance it out. May cause you to dance in that ridiculous, quirky, awkward, robotic style that the post-trendy kids are doing.

Cooly G - Love Dub

Even smoother than the aforementioned. Smoother than clouds and marshmellows. This 26 year old lady has been crowned the queen of 'funkstep'; the lovechild of funky house and dubstep. A suitable theme tune for the effortless suave out there.

Salem - Skullcrush

Happy in a very, very niche way. You might be able to extract some weird, melancholy pseudo-happiness/sad-happiness out of this slow, abstract, electro-goth fuzz. I've actually been getting into a bit of Salem lately, but they are very obscure and pretty scary.

And there we have it. 'Til next time!

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