Thursday, 15 October 2009

Club Music

Just earlier today, I was watching the charts on some music channels. It occured to me that most of them were made to be played in clubs. It occured to me that I liked this. Has club music always been this big? Maybe I've been living in a hole. Regardless, here is this evening's post, with just a few songs that are quite obviously hand-crafted to be banged out at loud volume for your listening/dancing/skanking pleasure:

Tomb Crew - Western Jam
You've heard the original three hundred times and, although that epic, warbling womp of a drop never seems to get boring, it's always nice for a change. Tomb Crew mix it up a bit, chopping it up and whacking a baltimore beat over the top. Funky stuff.

Cassius - Cassius 99 (Modek's 09 Rechop)
This is one of those songs I have had for a while but never really listened to; it popped up the other day and I was all like SKEEN. But yeah, it's a good old retro stylee choppy disco number. Credit to Parisian dance pioneers Cassius for laying out the incredibly catchy original.

Chromeo - Night by Night (Skream Remix)
You won't notice much of a difference unless you've got some kind of access to sub bass with this one. In the words of Chromeo's Dave 1: “I was confused when I first heard this: all of a sudden, our song sounded like a Bone Thugs record. That’s because I couldn’t hear Skream’s satanic sub-bass on my computer speakers. Then I switched systems and it made perfect sense. Play this loud and you’ll hear all the hypnotic qualities you’d expect from the grand wizard of UK dubstep.”

Well in.

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