Wednesday, 5 August 2009

And All The Colours Conspire To Overwhelm The Grey

Hey guys, again I have to apologise for not posting in a long while. This time though, it's not because I've been working (although I still have work for the next week and a half) - I've been sailing up and down a river in the south of France away from all (most) forms of contact. This includes the computer, which probably did me a whole lot of good. So today is my first day back in the country and although I have little time to spare, I've found two particularly chilled songs which you may or may not have heard but I had to share:

Just Jack - The Day I Died
Just Jack's music spans a whole range of genres and so intrigues a wide audience, including you, I should hope. This track off his sophomore album is no different and is guaranteed to make you lay back in a metaphorical deckchair on a hot day with a cool drink. Sounds a little like Just Jack's been listening to Jason Mraz for a long time, which by no means is an insult - it makes for a great, easy-going summer chiller with guitar twangs, claps and cute, quirky lyrics.

The XX - Basic Space
Now, The XX are a fairly new, arty (you can tell from the name can't you?) little quartet hailing from Southwest London. They're all in their teens though you may find that hard to believe as their style sounds really quite mature. Amongst the band's influences are Rihanna, The Cure and The Chromatics, so you may be stumped as to what to expect but don't worry, it's minimalistic, effortlessly cool art rock - highly recommended for fans of The Kills, although slightly more passive in their style than Mosshart and Hince. Basic Space is an almost timid track. It's not pretentious and it doesn't try too hard. The XX's message is clear and maybe music is lacking the beautiful simplicity that this track encompasses.

'Til next time, ta.

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