Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Open Up The Door

So, tonight I've compiled another few new releases for you. Same as last post, let's get straight to the meaty bits:

Arctic Monkeys - Crying Lightning
Ooooooh! The new Arctic Monkeys single! The first listen off the upcoming album 'Humbugs' is dark, moody track. Alex Turner's vocal style parallels the sinister bass with some eerie guitar effects floating in and out of the verses. A grower maybe? Perhaps, but it doesn't take long to blossom, least not for me.

Magistrates make indie pop music of which I could use any combination of the words retro, fresh, groovy, sexual and confident to describe. Heartbreak encompasses a plethora of catchy pop hooks including indie guitar riffs, crooning vocals and old-school keyboard notes.

Using summery to describe music is an easy way out with one of the swedish pop trio's latest, but you've got an idea of the track already, and you're probably not that far off. We've got a youthful, clinking guitar riff alongside an uplifting drum beat with light-hearted vocals on this one.

My personal favourite off Jamie T's 'Sticks & Stones' EP. On The Green pairs up a jangling, bouncy guitar melody with some melancholy lyrics conveying a what-the-hell attitude when synchronised. Surprisingly uplifting and a lot of fun to listen to.

That's all for now, I really enjoyed all these tracks. Oh and these artists will be playing at Reading '09! ..Apart from Miike Snow. You'll have to see them some other time.

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