Sunday, 21 June 2009

I'm a hustler. I'm a full moon.

Hello, it's been longer than usual since my last post but I've been busy, caught up with various stuff. So lately I've been working through the back catalogues of various fat cats in the music world to make myself more cultured, as pretentious as it sounds. One duo I've been looking at is Chemical Tom and Chemical Ed, otherwise and more commonly known as The Chemical Brothers. Similarly to Soulwax who we looked at last post, The Chemical Brothers are generally hailed as pioneers of electronic music. It's said they're an incredible experience live with massive screens projecting psychedelic images, zapping lasers and bright, flashy strobes all up in your grill.

So yes, that is what I have to say. Lets not beat around the bush though shall we?

The Chemical Brothers - The Boxer
I rediscovered this track about a week ago and fell in love with it. I've played it so much and I'm yet to rinse it. The beat just grips me and Tim Burgess delivers an insanely eargasmic slice of lyrical pizza on one of the most well constructed tracks I've ever heard. I can't fault it.

On the less commercial side of the fence, I've chosen two instrumental tracks with a similar style:

The Chemical Brothers - Saturate
An epic, pacing track off 'We Are The Night'. Synthesisers ebb and croak across the length of this track with a clattering drum beat. I can't quite place the feeling I get with this one, but it's humbling to listen to.

The Chemical Brothers - Surface To Air
The final track of 2005's 'Push The Button' is a 7 and a half minute long, progressive headphone listen. It gives you the feel of an exciting journey - something different and new. When I listen to it, those glittering, shimmering, chiming noises always bubble up a wide-eyed, innovative excitement inside of me, kinda like butterflies.

I hope I never ever ever ever rinse The Boxer. Oh and just in case if you were wondering, the snap is from the video shoot of 'Midnight Madness'; our goblin friend is taking a little break - great colour, don't you think?

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