Thursday, 14 May 2009

We're too old, we're not old at all

I can't begin to explain how nice it is to have a break! If you're in study leave right now (or just off and have a bit of spare time in general), go and see Wolverine, it's fun to watch. I don't normally go to the cinemas but yesterday I made use of Orange Wednesdays for once and it was pretty good. Anyway, I wasn't feeling anything that was all screetchy synthesizers and drum machines today:

Saying that, this is the most electronic out of the three songs, still not electro by far mind you. Their latest album, 'Merriweather Post Pavillion', received critical acclaim and this is the first single released from it. I've had this psychedelic indie song in my head for a while.

I didn't like this song at first but it grew on me. It's indie rock but not like pigeon detectives or courteeners - check it out for yourself, seems like there's a tiny little folky element?

This song is happy in a sad way if you get me? The Antlers have been causing a bit of a stir in Brooklyn where they're based.

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