Sunday, 17 May 2009

Female vocalists

There are some really good female singers that get overlooked in music today. Well, when I say that I mean I overlook them. I think Kate Nash put me off most girls singing music for a while after Foundations got played over and over and over and over and over again. I'm not into all that new-wave, kooky girl business personally. Enjoy your Sunday evenings:

If I had to put a track to a night-time, eerie, abandoned fairground scene in a movie, this would definetely be it. Scary in an exciting way.

After that mini rant earlier, this is pretty similar to Kate Nash. I guess it was just because her stuff got overplayed - I don't dislike her that much. The bouncy keys make for a catchy little number.

I don't know much about Cat Power but after listening to this cover I'll have to check her out (ha ha ha.) More intimate and sombre than the original.

In other news, here are the new singles from La Roux and The Gossip:

Oh and wish me luck in my French exam tomorrow, I'll need it.

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