Tuesday 2 June 2009


Hello. I hope all your exams are going well, or if you've done your exams then I hope you are enjoying your time off, or if you have not had exams or have any exams coming up then.. I hope you are doing alright too.

Anyway, I'm in a particularly mellow mood tonight - definetely a 'Bouba' mood. I found that word out the other day, it's pretty cool. There's this thing called the 'Bouba/Kiki' effect - basically it proves that humans can attribute certain qualities to certain shapes/sounds/etc. For example, which one of the shapes below would you call Bouba and which would you call Kiki?

It seems pretty obvious and it should be as almost 98% of tested people go for the same choices. It's clever and kinda shows why people use words such as 'smooth' and 'filthy' to describe music.

As you can tell I've got too much spare time on my hands right now - that is the mood I'm in, and that is the feel of the music I've handpicked for you right now:

Yacht - Psychic City
Youthful, and really quite catchy. These guys are playing a free instore gig at Pure Groove in London in July, check it out, these lot are hotly tipped.

Feist - Mushaboom (IAMXL Remix)
IAMXL gives this shoegazey, country-girl tune (featured on some T-Mobile advert I believe) an old-skool touch up.

Cute and playful b-side from the Swedish indie-pop dame Lykke Li, who is currently writing her second album but 'insists it will be a long wait until it is finished for fans to hear.'

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